CHAPTER 1: The Elements of Music 2 RHYTHM Rhythm is the element of "TIME" in music. As you work with the program, it can be useful to create a list of the PowerPoint elements you use most often. If the scenes are accompanied by pieces of music, they become more effective on the audiences. Visual Element. Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky. I need help with the following assignment: Music and Extra-Musical Forces—The Baroque saw some of the first works of program music (instrumental music depicting an extramusical idea, character, place, or story) and most famously a series of four concertos by Vivaldi called the Four Seasons.Chapter 4 discussed the first movement of the Spring Concerto. While the dialog and music are the audible aspects of drama, the visual element deals with the … Some composers in the Romantic period used their music to try to describe a specific place, item, person or idea. They … This is an example of programme music. This element of music arises when pitches are vertically combined, usually in groups of three notes. 5 Elements of PowerPoint. HTML Audio - How It Works. When you tap your foot to the music, you are "keeping the beat" or following the structural rhythmic pulse of the music.There are several important aspects of rhythm: The Moldau is a symphonic poem from the larger work ~'Ma vlast~' by Bedrich Smetana. (iii) People: The most important element of a computer system is its users. This tag is an example of an empty element, where you do not need opening and closing tags, as there is nothing to go in between them.. The controls attribute adds audio controls, like play, pause, and volume.. Line Break Tag. The text between the tags will only be displayed in browsers that do not support the