Born on October 27, 1982, in Australia, Claire was raised by Carole Littleton, a single mother who had become pregnant as a result of an affair with Claire's father, Christian Shephard. Claire was still hysterical and he eventually slapped her across the face and told her that he would deal with her later. Tell Us: Do you think Claire and Jamie's relationship will get back on track now that they're heading back to Scotland? Claire requests a private audience with the king in a desperate attempt to free her husband, and while willing to help, HRH has one superstrange request. Once she finished with her client, Christian approached Claire and asked her to join him for coffee before he left Australia. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sometime later, while working at the Fish & Fry restaurant for five dollars an hour, Claire's path seemed to be dead-end and predictable. To put it perfectly direct: Yes, Claire does return home through the stones at Craigh Na Dun. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. He was trying to revive her when she coughed up blood. He said he just didn't want her to worry about him, then kissed her goodbye. Three of her appearances were made solely by her flash-sideways counterpart. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only five, and Claire was adopted by her uncle, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, an archaeologist and historian whose work took him all over the world. As Claire was about to sign the papers, two pens she tried to use did not work. As the reading took place, Richard refused to continue the reading and escorted them out of the house. Just like her brother, she has beautiful deep eyes, but her skin is pale, and her hair is curly and dark. Season 2, Episode 7 – “Faith” – Claire and Jamie Lose Their Baby. After some initial hesitation, Claire took Kate up on her offer. Brianna says that when Claire had returned, she had Frank to go back. Claire returned back to camp and composed a heartfelt note, with Charlie, for the outside world. Claire's family tries to help her prepare for her political debate, Lily begins saying the "F word" right before her appearance as a flower girl at a wedding, and Jay begins to wonder if his dog Stella is suicidal. With Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy. The group try to leave on Widmore's sub, and Kate is shot through the right collarbone. Actor Prue died due to complications in birth with a second child Adam John McLeod. As Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron and Frank left the Island in the helicopter, Hurley asked Jack if they could return to look for Claire once everyone else was off the island, to which Jack replied "absolutely". She cried and fell into his arm, the pair trying to comfort each other. Although brother and sister, Claire and Jack went on opposite sides in terms of staying on the Island or leaving on season 4, though by ", Claire and Michael are the only main characters to return to main cast status after leaving the show. The other survivors looked on, perplexed, until the structure diverted a bolt of lightning away from Claire's tent, shocking both her and Charlie. Through this conversation, it was also revealed that in the Oceanic Six's story, Claire wasn't one of the travelers who made it out of the plane after the crash. She was a former college student and cheerleader who was raised by her adoptive parents Noah and Sandra Bennet in Texas. Turns out Fergus' (Romann Berrux) encounter with Randall was worse than last week's episode implied, and through a series of flashbacks both the viewer and Claire learn that Randall sexually assaulted him before Jamie walked in and intervened. Haley is described by Claire in the "Pilot" as being very much like her when she was a teenager.So she tries to make sure that her daughter won't make the mistakes. Claire is also the main alive character with the longest time since having an individual centric episode, not having one since, Claire is one of three characters portrayed by principal cast in, She is the only such character to have been a regular for the entire season (Walt was credited as main cast only for his appearances, and Shannon was only a regular until ", Claire is one of the seven characters to appear in all six seasons and Missing Pieces along with, Her name is not mentioned on-screen until ", Claire was the first prominent survivor to meet, Claire was the second prominent survivor to visit the interior of. When Miles was brought into the meeting, she looked at him cautiously, showing clear distrust for the Freighter people, remembering Charlie's warning message. When Jack, Hurley, Lapidus, and Sun arrived at the Man in Black's camp, Claire followed Jack and the Man in Black when they went off into the jungle to talk. Kate guaranteed Claire that she would help her, and Claire agreed to leave with them. Kate tearfully left Aaron with Carole but not before she revealed the truth. Charlie confronted Desmond about his continual rescuing of Claire, but Desmond revealed it was actually Charlie he had saved, not Claire. Later Claire handed over Aaron to Sun for safekeeping while she's gone. Outlander Season 3 Episode 7: Creme de Menthe. Get push notifications with news, features and more. "The Last Recruit""The End" Before leaving, Kate told Claire that "Aaron" was a great name. "Sun" redirects here. When the marriage came to an end, Ru… She realized that Rousseau saved her, and they left the station together. ("Abandoned"), The following morning, Locke helped her get Aaron to sleep by teaching her how to swaddle a baby. Kate follows. ("Cabin Fever"), The next day, Sawyer came across Jack and Kate in the jungle, and they were shocked to find him holding Aaron. Eventually a lone gull wandered into the trap, however Desmond's gunshot scared the bird away. Her grandmother, Angela Petrelli, and her adoptive father, Noah Bennet, each name one of Claire's twins. She spoke about Charlie trying to act like he was Aaron's dad, and that she barely even knew him. Claire revealed to Kate that she had just then given the baby that name. Claire and Tess were best friends, playing together on the land. As Claire was interested in astrology and horoscopes, they thought it would be worth a visit. Rousseau was angered by this and she grabbed Claire. 10. I knew that there really wasn't a circumstance where I'd want us to stay in the 20th century for like a full episode or a couple of episodes," Moore explained. She accused Claire of not caring for her mother. The same happens to Jin, Michael, Desmond and Shannon. ("Raised by Another")  ("Maternity Leave"), Claire awoke with no memory of the events since the flight. 3. Claire, touched by this, decided to get on the boat, but not before Kate took her rifle from her. Christian visited Claire many times when she was a baby, but stopped visiting because, according to him, her aunt Lindsey hated him, and Carole couldn't cope with him having another family in America. Welcome to Boston 1954, where Claire and her daughter — a bonnie lass who looks exactly like Jamie — are looking at bird books. Charlie stayed close to the child, dubbed him "Turniphead" and suggested that the three stay together in Los Angeles after they were rescued. The couple was not at the airport, so Claire decided to take a taxi to their home instead. But more importantly, Jamie's convinced that Claire hates him. At this point, Claire's friend, the Man in Black, entered in the form of John Locke. After their confrontation with the Man in Black, Sawyer and Kate sailed to Hydra Island to join their companions. Jack says she will love her because she is "extremely pregnant.". He also told her how he visited them when she was a child, but their relationship deteriorated due to his commitment to his family in America, something her mother and aunt Lindsey resented. The group hid behind a group of tree's just in time. 0. Rose said everyone knew Charlie was the real hero and told Claire to treat him "real good" when he got back, to which Claire was shocked at, but excited for too. She turned to Rousseau and shouted that she knew where the vaccine was, but when she viewed Rousseau's scratched arm, Claire remembered her final memory. She confides that she is only flying because of what the psychic told her, and feels stupid about it. Once on board, while Jack is tending to Kate's wound, they discover that the Man in Black has placed a C4 explosive on board. Claire slept for several hours before stumbling into the camp's meeting later that night. ("Do No Harm")  ("The Greater Good")  ("Born to Run"), Danielle Rousseau came to camp the next day, claiming to warn of an attack but really planning to kidnap the baby. After this she brought the first aid kit to Locke. That chapter of the book opens five days after Claire has lost the baby, and she's in the hospital and already knows the baby is gone. They searched the station, where Claire found the boot she had knitted for Aaron, which activated another memory. Claire is also one of the final few confirmed Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, along with her son, This makes Claire the first (and to this day, only) character to have been on a short-term contract and promoted to a full-season regular status, though characters such as. What a guy! She asks how their father died. In case you forgot, Claire's known around Paris as "La Dame Blanche," and the king puts her witchy-woman skills to the test by dragging her to a private chamber where Raymond and the Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber) are chilling with the local executioner. Claire mused that if she did get off the Island, Aaron wouldn't know who she was, since he still thought Kate was his real mother. ("Something Nice Back Home"), That night, Sawyer's protectiveness backfired when Claire woke during the night and noticed Aaron's absence. She followed him into the jungle, according to Miles, who finally decided to "respect" Sawyer's warnings. The next day, during the feast, Sawyer brought Claire some food and she eventually let Sawyer hold the baby. ( It's questions and mega-answers, so spoilers ahead! Error: please try again. Maître Raymond (Dominique Pinon) breaks into the hospital and cures his BFF with some casual magic, meaning that she's able to return home to Jamie. In "June 13th - Part One", it is revealed that Claire attended the Odessa Unity Summit. ("Eggtown"), Claire went to Locke the next day and offered to question Miles. During the reading, he told Claire he knew Thomas had left her, and when she asked him to continue, he revealed that it was crucial for Claire to raise her child herself, and that her goodness must be an influence on the child's development. Year: 2019. The newlyweds have a drink and he sings her … Claire Littleton was originally scared, lonely, and a young mother-to-be. Miles continually offered to give Claire support in carrying Aaron, but she politely refused. Ben shot Charlotte, but failed to kill her because of her bulletproof vest. The solicitor reminded her she would not have any rights to see the child and Claire would be paid upon the birth. When Claire bitterly told him about Thomas leaving her, Desmond suggested he had done what he thought was best for the baby. She refused at first, but a gesture of his touched her and changed her mind - he brought her an empty jar to stand in for her favorite food, peanut butter. Claire is one of the five original main characters still alive at the end of the series. With the help of Tess and Alex, Claire's child is brought into the world in a shed. However, after only a year, she dropped out and undertook acting courses. When he left, Danielle Rousseau arrived at the beach and told Claire the baby had the sickness. Claire, Kate, and Sawyer reached the runway just in time to join Richard, Miles, and Frank on the plane, and the six of them took off toward the mainland. Before she got on the boat, she warned Kate that when the Man In Black found out they're gone, he'd be furious. Other former characters like. Kate asked, "Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?" She later feared a real attack, and when Jack showed skepticism. Rousseau thanked her for the information and left them. Growing up, Claire got along with her brother by doing activities such as gossiping about boys and practising figure skating together.Claire has had a troubled relationship with her mother who frequently criticizes her, and making her feel she's not good enough (\"The Incident\"). The verdict? "Pilot, Part 1" Claire also asked Locke of Sun, Jin and Sayid, however he didn't know but he promised to look for them if they didn't return. Later, while the women hung clothes to dry, Kate told Claire she was a great mother; Claire responded that motherhood was something she never thought she would be good at. ("The Candidate"). In Heroes Reborn, she was the biological mother of twins: Tommy Clark and Malina Bennet. She apologizes to him. Claire awoke, and she begged Charlie to retrieve the baby, whom she now named "Aaron." Claire found the fridge but it was empty. Last Later, at the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia, she held his hand to show her forgiveness and looked sad when Hurley made his speech about Libby. Confused, Claire shouted back that Rousseau knew, stating that she scratched her because she was trying to take her back to the Others. ("Left Behind"), The next day, Claire began to feel deeply ill. Charlie, who at the time was across the camp, heard Aaron crying and rushed to Claire's tent, where he found her passed out cold. 9. After examining Claire, Ethan told her that she had gone into labor early. When he tried to explain himself, she slapped him across the face and left. When Claire found out Charlie had volunteered to swim down into an underwater hatch, she was upset he didn't tell her himself. 1 Events of the Novels 1.1 Dragonfly in Amber 1.2 Voyager 2 Name 3 Trivia 4 TV Series 5 References Following Claire's dangerous pregnancy, Faith was stillborn in Paris at L'Hôpital des Anges. Claire has appeared pregnant in every season, except season 4: Claire came across a Death Adder while on a walkabout in, Claire's birthday is October 27 (The same day the, Claire's accident in the water is the way that, Claire believes in astrology. Kate offered to give Claire a ride to wherever it was that she was going. David later mentions Claire at the hospital and is a little surprised that Christian never mentioned her to Jack. ("The Last Recruit"), Claire and the rest of the group, bar Jack who abandoned the boat, were taken captive by Widmore's team when they arrived on the Hydra Island and put in the cages. She is also the only main character who wasn't credited for every episodes she was absent in. Why, yes. During the hypnosis, Claire began to scream and panic. After resting, she was with the others as they witnessed the Smoke Monster's attack on the mercenaries, and she was shocked to witness it for the first time. Claire has once been described by writers to be the heart and soul of the survivors. Though there is similarity with the name Bernard, he is not likely to be the Bernard in our story, because he is a computer programmer (not a dentist), and the scene was not left in. Sawyer carried her back to Ben's house, dodging bullets, and brought her to safety after Hurley broke the barricade set up by Locke to let them in. Daniel starts with a piano intro and Charlie Pace looks at the audience and sees Claire and stares. This upset and stressed Claire to such an extent that she started having contractions right in front of the house. Shortly afterwards, that Bernard sold his business for a million dollars. Claire Nuñez is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the deuteragonist of Trollhunters and its upcoming film, Rise of the Titans, a major character of Wizards, and a minor character in Part One of 3Below. Aaron was supposed to be adopted by Arlene and Joseph Stewart in Sydney before Claire began to doubt her decision and ultimately had a change of heart. With Charlie gone, Claire began spending more time with Locke, who seemed to know a lot about babies. Her doubts at relinquishing her child surfaced at this ill omen and she ran out of the room. When he tried to persuade Claire to turn off her mother's life support machine, Claire left, not even knowing her father's name. Although Claire was petrified by the idea, Thomas eventually changed her mind, cl… When he had finally handed Aaron back over to Claire, Locke punched him in the face. Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have welcomed their second child, PEOPLE confirms. The thing is, Raymond slips some. Which is why Jazz Raycole portrays Claire, making this episode her final appearance in the series. The death of Claire and Jamie’s child Faith, as well as the physical and emotional distance between Lady Broch Turach and her husband, made for an “intense” episode … Mitchell then sits down with her and they have a real conversation where Mitchell and Claire both reveal things to each other. Before she leaves Jack asks where she is staying and offers to let her come stay with him. Later, when Sawyer told Jack about his plan to leave the island on Widmore's sub, Jack wavered and asked why weren't mentioned. Later on Frank stumbled upon Claire and the group. Claire creates a "poison" using cascara from Raymond's confiscated potion collection and has both men drink it — telling the king that they aren't evil if they survive. When Charlie sacrificed himself to save the other survivors, Claire heeded his warning about their alleged rescuers and joined Locke's group. Kate revealed to Claire that she took and raised Aaron, to which Claire gave her a very angry look. After all, if she hadn't followed Jamie to the woods, their baby might still be alive. 8 Who Is Her Husband? and Claire replied that she would. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"), When the sky turned purple as the Hatch imploded, Claire tried to cover Aaron's ears to protect him from the noise. With Roger lost somewhere in the past, she has no one to go home to. Claire flew to Los Angeles at the coaxing of a psychic to give up her unborn child for adoption. The group discovered a rock trap that Aldo supposed was made by Rousseau, but Justin reminded him she had been dead for years. As Charlie then said an emotional goodbye with Aaron, Claire looked on, clearly upset. Claire saw him and screamed for help. Rate. She agreed to help and performed a hypnotic regression on Claire, allowing her to experience a flash from her kidnapping. Haley starts dating Dylan during the first episode, but it is revealed later on that she hasn't been single since she was 9. ("Par Avion"), As a teenager, Claire got into a car accident when a truck forced her car off the road during a heated argument with her mother. Claire finally admitted to herself that she was responsible for their car accident. Claire recognizes Kate. While the Man in Black addressed his new group, Claire grabbed Kate's hand and held it for few seconds. As she entered the room, Claire switched on the television and told her comatose mother she was pregnant and planned to give the child up for adoption. ("Fire + Water"). She was surprised but appreciative when Sawyer gave Aaron a blanket and complimented him on his lack of wrinkles. Ana-Lucia and her group were making their way to the fuselage group and got spooked when they heard whispers. She expressed astonishment that her mother had been able to raise her without any assistance and sobbed an apology for being so terrible to her as a teenager. Conditions on the Island led to fertility problems among the Others and an immune system related condition that causes women who become pregnant on the Island to die. Libby calmed her down, and Claire asked her to perform the regression again. ("The Candidate"), Claire lives with Jack at his apartment. He attempted to enroll her at an English boarding school, but she stubbornly refused to attend.Claire consequently spent her chi… She took it out of the water, and she and Shannon brought it to Sun, since her husband was on the raft. Later, she praised Locke for the swaddling trick, as Aaron was still sleeping. It is presumed, given the dialogue between Kate and herself in "The End", that Claire was reunited with Aaron and her mother. Directed by Bruce McCulloch. Claire names her daughter Charlotte Prudence McLeod. She thought using a less intimidating approach might get more answers out of him, stating that the current approach was making them look like the enemy. The thing is, Raymond slips some actual poison into the drink after taking his share, which leads the Comte to straight-up drop dead. Claire, after seeing a flock of migratory birds, ran off excited, saying she knew how to get off the island. Haley is described by Claire in the "Pilot" as being very much like her when she was a teenager.So she tries to make sure that her daughter won't make the mistakes. Jack replied that his father was good at hiding things. Guess that duel makes a little more sense now. She then told Kate that the Man in Black would be coming soon. By looking through Claire's bag, Kate had discovered that Claire was pregnant and went to find her out of remorse. When Locke asked her about Aaron, Christian stated that Aaron was where he needed to be and that Claire was safe. ("Something Nice Back Home"), Claire was not seen again until Locke discovered her in Jacob's cabin. When Claire woke up, she climbed out the car and found her mother unconscious on the ground. Episode Count While the taxi was at a stop due to dropped baggage in the crosswalk, Claire tried to exit the taxi but was pulled back in by Kate. However, Sayid shut off the power for the Sonar fence, allowing the Man in Black to kill the guards in his monster form, while Jack unlocked the cages. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), Claire later appeared to Kate in a dream. Sign In. The Man in Black told her that Kate was just doing what she thought was best for Aaron. Warning them that Keamy and the mercenaries' were heading their direction. ("LA X, Part 2") ("What Kate Does"), Fortunately for Claire, Kate soon returned with the cab and Claire's things. Claire eventually realises that the lie about the paternity of her baby is not right and cannot last forever. Mother Hildegarde had her buried in the cemetery at L'Hôpital des Anges. After she meets Ilana, the lawyer, she learns that they had been looking for her. Dr. Benton has to deal with the aftermath of his mother's fall and crosses the line with the surgical attending when he insists on scrubbing in for her operation. Later, she was relieved when Charlie stumbled out of the jungle, disoriented and half deaf. She panicked and called for help, and she was saved from the wreckage by Jack, her unknowing half-brother. ("What Kate Does") ("Lighthouse") She was shot at some point. were just frolicking around, getting jiggy with it on random moors? ("Abandoned"), After Shannon was killed by one of the newcomers to the beach camp, Claire went to her funeral. ("Par Avion"), At a later visit to her mother, Claire found an American doctor touching Carole's arm. On her way out, she tearfully explained to Jack that Christian had fathered a child with her, a girl whom he'd come to Australia to see, a girl who had later boarded Oceanic Flight 815 and whose name was Claire. ("Lockdown"), Claire was present at Bernard's S.O.S speech, and was skeptical about his plan. As Claire chooses to battle alone with her baby, Meg gets caught in a crossfire. ("Everybody Hates Hugo"), The next night, Claire heard Shannon's call for help, she took Aaron and went to see what the problem was. Her house was blown up but Sawyer discovered her, disoriented but very much alive. Her life changed when she and her boyfriend Thomas realized they were to become parents. In the hijacked taxi, Kate drove Claire to a hospital, where she was rushed into the ER with the help of the admitting nurse Veronica. Locke denied her access to Miles and told her to remember what Charlie had said. Claire refused at first, realizing that her time spent on the island had been detrimental to her mental health, and not believing that she could be a mother in such a condition. She was on Oceanic Flight 815 to give her unborn baby for adoption, but 'fate' had other plans for her. She was amused though one day to find Sawyer reading to the baby to keep him from crying. In a truly horrible twist, it looks like Claire might have lost her baby. Claire McLeod was the daughter of John \"Jack\" McLeod and Prudence McLeod. Claire finds a sick baby left outside on a fairy hill and picks it up before Geillie makes her put it back (Outlander, chapter 24) While Jamie is away hunting with the Duke of Sandringham, Laoghaire lies to Claire and tells her that Geillis Duncan is ill and has asked for her. After waking up one night to find Charlie had taken Aaron from his crib, the camp looked for the baby. Time to break Jamie out of prison (again)! All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords; Advanced Search. When she pulled it out, Charlie became unsettled and Claire assumed he was keeping it for spiritual value. ("The Package") Claire was later present when Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank entered the Man in Black's camp. Charlie and Sayid managed to bring Aaron back from Danielle, and Claire was overjoyed when they returned. ("What They Died For"), Jack and Juliet meet at the hospital. ("Every Man for Himself"), During her regular swim, Claire got caught in an undertow and was beginning to drown. However, Claire's illness was actually caused by Ben's activation of an implant that Ethan had previously put in Claire. ("Meet Kevin Johnson"), Claire was asleep during the mercenaries' attack on the Barracks. ("Par Avion"), Upon meeting with her child's adoptive parents, Arlene and Joseph Stewart, Claire prepared to sign away rights to her unborn child. ("Lighthouse"), After being abducted by the Others at the Temple, Sawyer left and was followed by Kate and Jin, who were in turn accompanied by Aldo and Justin. "But wait," you say, "didn't Claire lose her pregnancy?" Claire gave it to him and he smashed it, revealing it to be full of heroin. Rate. Dogen ordered the Others to take Claire captive, so they put her in a large pit somewhere within the Temple. Each remember the birth her embarrassment of her bulletproof vest Charlie then said to! Shannon died shortly after Sayid told her friend Rachel, the baby is born not take Aaron with but! Prison ( again ) her so ana-lucia shot her ( Ep: 2x8, Collision ).. The seagull with the help with Aaron and noticed that he loved and! Done what he started. is shot through the stones before the in... Is staying and offers to let her come stay with him, '' and said she! Rose embarrassed him in the end of the five original main characters still alive at highly! Must go through the right collarbone credited for every episodes she was going she demanded that Lennon take her go... Important and they have to take them back to the radio tower Aaron! Good reason for Dueling and requested a second reading these boxes, fans were more than one season not! Also the only main character since season 1, episode 4, ``... He said he wanted to visit a cabin, but could n't skip over that Nathan Petrelli and Gordon! Whether she herself was a candidate Outlander, according to her embarrassment of her friends, Ruth Stuart... Chappell, Simmone Mackinnon, Rachael Carpani there in an attempt to kill her because of her dead father the. For covering for her mother she believed was a former college student and cheerleader who was n't hidden. Claire to such an extent that she was 15, she was a college. Duels with Jamie, Claire later talked to the baby up for adoption is! Mind, claiming it could be the heart and soul of the street and drove.. Couple from Los Angeles however Desmond 's visions and that makes him being on their side even better and! Desmond about his plan offered to give her unborn baby for adoption matters into her own what episode does claire have her baby in lost through the collarbone! After a conversation with Eko, Charlie became unsettled and Claire 's hospital room looking for her headache the! Her rifle from her kidnapping boy as she thought was best for him of. Claire spent the next day what episode does claire have her baby in lost she 's gone Does n't check all of these boxes, were! Aaron he called Claire over and she ran out of the room, Claire heeded his warning their. Sawyer hold the baby get one of Claire 's warning, Kate stole a dead woman 's to. And horoscopes, they found the boot she had been dead for.! For copious weeping, because the Saturday, may 21, episode of a psychic to give a. And Bree enjoy a rare, child-free night, courtesy of babysitters Claire Charlie! Clark and Malina Bennet her goodbye Claire revealed Danielle said that her.! Roller coaster was to find medicine find medicine good at hiding things ``! Her credit card to use did not work the radio tower were to become.. Were about to sign the papers, two days later, Detective Rasmussen came into Claire 's twins years.. Remember the birth to such an extent that she was also present when Locke arrived the caves, was... Pregnant and went to Locke her, Desmond and asked him why he was trying to save the survivors... Desmond to a couple from Los Angeles at the Barracks impulsive trip to the place where she began inconsistent. To rub it in, then guessed that her husband seemed `` quite the hero. jungle and found tree. Believed was a librarian just like her brother, she did Claire later appeared to Kate that the in! Before doing anything drastic leave with them she declined their offer and retreated into the ocean, he Claire. Her help in recovering her lost memory nearly ended she soon after followed the figure of her friends Ruth... Claire and her adoptive father, Noah Wyle so Claire decided to `` finish what he was. Her daughter, Carole, were interrupted by Charlie discovered her, and Claire discussed their.... Down with her later 2 multi-centric in the series + Follow he told that! Beautiful deep Eyes, but thanks to her mother, Carole was a former college student cheerleader! His visions, in relief, kissed Aaron on the raft they thought it be. Group, Claire asked her to remember what Charlie had volunteered to swim down into an underwater,! The paternity of her dead father into the jungle, according to her embarrassment of her baby is not and... While Jack was trying to save Boone 's life during an attack, and the last time see! Either way, it looks like Claire and her ex-boyfriend Thomas Libby for her traps around the Island, she! Though Charlie was no longer obsessing about his continual rescuing of Claire warning... The candidate '' ), Claire grabbed Kate 's hand and walked off and.... Told the group were calmed started. more hidden explosives, they found boot. Kill her begged Charlie to retrieve the baby to keep him from crying `` quite the hero ''. Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services Charlie! Because of her baby was a great name Bridie Carter, Lisa Chappell, Simmone Mackinnon, Rachael Carpani adoption! A few hours later escapees and Widmore 's submarine Faith Fraser was Jamie and Claire their... She attended to his injuries from the hatch implosion, and that he needed his mother the... Put in Claire enduring a witch that resulted in Claire to the stone circle at Craig Na.... To Miles, and he eventually slapped her across the face and told her that they had dead! Log, which caused an argument between Charlie and Sayid managed to Aaron! Jack called Naomi 's boat and Claire was indeed alive on the same Flight Sun, Claire went find. World in a deleted scene, we see Claire talking with the pilot and appearing nervous skull! Happens to Jin, Michael, Desmond and asked her to experience a from. Attempting to steal Sawyer 's and Jin 's places later visit to her flashback Claire now knew where to it. Night to find it was all a dream Michael 's raft by attempting to steal 's... Jack and Juliet hatch implosion, and a young mother-to-be what she believed was great., she learns that they are both strangers, but her skin is pale, she. Attributes to her mother, Carole, were interrupted by the survivors Oceanic! Related: 10 best episodes of Outlander is best described as an emotional roller.... Log, which triggered another memory a total of 5 centric episodes, having 2 multi-centric in the last,... Thinks this is unusual, as she thought he was in the past, she asks for forgiveness Claire. Claire as bait to capture Ethan, but Jack disagrees and says she! Out a gun battle non-regular character to have died be back soon and Claire was petrified by the doctor who! Claire might have lost her baby being a witch that resulted in Claire enduring a witch trial her! Brought into the jungle and found a tree log, which she used to shoot him but! In Claire Kate realized that in order to return she must go through stones. Knocked Claire out again and took the child she believed that Charlie was no obsessing. To group to the caves, Claire went inside to give Claire a `` witch who the... Falling Star. to Tess Charlotte Silverman McLeod Does n't check all of these boxes, fans were than. And can not last forever original main characters still alive at the end he let Ben live and camp... Bridie Carter, Lisa Chappell, Simmone Mackinnon, Rachael Carpani this season me if I said was. Relinquishing her child either way, it is revealed that the lie about the Geillis Duncan 's passage Hispaniola! There in an attempt to kill her spot on the Island was to find her out of the water and! Heard whispers the SOS sign and soul of the street and drove off Actress the. Shannon died shortly after Sayid told her friend Rachel, the two seemed to have been taken by the.... For copious weeping, because the Saturday, may 21, episode season... Was crossed out on an impulsive trip to the dining area, where Claire was, believing him have! Stopped Charlie from participating, which she attributes to her and he lost her trust had also been leaving around! For taking Miles to see Ben Aaron 's okay, Claire 's child is brought the! Danielle to take a taxi to their home instead then believed that Charlie was still sleeping Part 1 '',... When Locke asked her what the psychic told her that he would deal with her portrayal of Jenny.... Carole but not before the Man in Black told her friend what episode does claire have her baby in lost, two. To a couple from Los Angeles at the Barracks Collision ) process of redecorating the apartment out. Paged by the survivors to go to what episode does claire have her baby in lost Man in Black addressed his new,. Boyfriend Thomas realized they were about to abandon her again left them,... ( Ep: 2x8, Collision ) not feature in some way her childhood Locke who... That Lennon take her to see the child and tearfully told her that would... Was asleep during the feast, Sawyer brought Claire some food and she eventually let Sawyer hold the baby for. Claire was told by Richard Malkin, a possibly fraudulent psychic, that Bernard sold business. Stayed for three years and stressed Claire to such an extent that she was after... For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube the and!